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Streaming Write for us.

Streaming write for us

Streaming allows you to consume online content without having to wait for it to download. Are you listening to a melody while browsing the Internet? That means you are streaming right now!

Gone are those days when you had to wait several hours to download a few songs. With the rise of platforms like Apple Music, Pandora, and Spotify, and movie repositories like Netflix, HBO GO, Hulu, and Disney +, streaming has become more popular than ever. But how exactly does it work? Are there downsides to streaming? (Hint: yes.) Read on for all the details on how streaming works, what to watch out for, and what innovations you can expect shortly.

How does streaming work?

Streaming gives us maximum convenience when consuming multimedia: press a button, and your song, show, or movie will start immediately! But how does streaming work?

Streaming is a means of sending and receiving data (such as audio and video) in a continuous stream over a network. For example, as soon as your PC or phone gets the beginning of a movie, you can start watching it. While the film is playing, the rest of the information is transmitted.

If you have a dependable internet connection, your device can play the entire movie without interruption. Every time you have used music services like Spotify or Apple Music, video players like YouTube or Netflix, or some types of games and applications, you have been using streaming.

Streaming is a big change in the way we access multimedia content. Not long ago, we all relied on broadcasters for news and entertainment. We used radios and televisions to receive what the station wanted to broadcast, and we listened to the programs they offered during their hours.

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