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Gateway Write for Us

Gateway Write for Us

A gateway is often a computer that allows networks to get interconnected with unique architectures and protocols at all levels. Its function is to translate the information from the protocol used in a network to the protocol used in the destination network.

Gateway is computer equipment configured to provide the machines of a local area network connected to it with access to an external network, generally carrying out IP address translation operations (Network Address Translation). This capacity of address translation allows us to apply a technique called “IP masking,” very often used to give Internet access to computers on a local area network by sharing a single Internet connection, and therefore, a single IP address.


In networks, end devices get interconnected with each other using hubs or switches. When you want to group those latter devices, you can connect those hubs to routers. The last connect networks that use different protocols (for example, IP, NetBIOS, AppleTalk). But a router can only connect networks that use the same protocol. When you want to join networks with different protocols, a gateway is useful since it makes it possible to translate the addresses and message formats between various networks.

The Gateway is the nerve centre of the gadget network. It is in charge of receiving their signals. And to keep them communicated with each other, in addition to connecting them with us using the WiFi connection.

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