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Saas Write for UsA Saas (Virtual Private Network) is a network technology used to connect one or more computers. A SaaS system or Software as a Service, is a software distribution model in which both the software and the data handled are centralized and hosted on a single server external to the company. This implies that the software used by the company is not in it, but that a provider deals with the hosting of such software in the cloud, as well as maintenance and support.

The contracting company accesses the software and all its data through a web browser from any computer. That means that all the information, processes, results, etc. Stored in this software are easily accessible from anywhere. Both software and data are centralized and hosted on a single server.

What does the fact that we can operate with applications hosted on external servers imply? The main novelty is that the use of the software is no longer based on the installation of the application on the company’s local computers. Any worker can access the program from anywhere in the world without the need for prior installation, a great advantage for companies that operate globally. In addition, licensing, maintenance and support costs are reduced and mobility is improved.

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