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CDMA write for usCode Division Multiple Access (CDMA) is the latest wireless digital technology that has opened the door to an exciting new generation of wireless communication products and services. Using digital encoding and spread spectrum radio frequency (RF) techniques, CDMA provides better voice quality and more privacy, capacity, and flexibility than other wireless technologies.

CDMA works on “spread spectrum” technology; it spreads the information contained in a particular signal of interest and with a bandwidth much greater than that of the original signal.


The essential features of CDMA are:

  • Control user access
  • Allocate resources so that the transmission medium get used efficiently (in this case, the frequency spectrum)
  • Allow all users to have the same capacity
  • Flexibility to allow different types of traffic
  • Stability, that is to say, that each time a system change occurs, it must reach a new equilibrium point
  • Robustness concerning equipment failure and other change conditions.

Some of the advantages that have allowed advances in CDMA are:

  • The capacity increases 8 to 10 times compared to AMPS and 4 to 5 times compared to GSM.
  • Better call quality with more precise sound.
  • simplified system that uses the same frequency in each sector of each cell.
  • Improves coverage characteristics.

The next step for CDMA is to go to the GPRS (General Packet Radio Services) standard, which would be what is called generation 2.5, to finally reach 3G with W-CDMA that gets a greater radioelectric spectrum. CDMA offers many spectrum efficiency advantages: it is faster in speed and in data transmission over current GSM, which has many benefits in terms of market penetration and economies of scale worldwide. Traders base their strategies, especially on them. As is known, the third generation will allow receiving and sending multimedia information from any mobile or fixed device. It will enable speeds of up to 2Mbps, which will be available with CDMA2000.

CDMA, which stands for Code Division Multiple Access, is a mobile phone service technology that competes with GSM, on 2G and 3G networks that is gradually disappearing. In 2010, operators around the world switched to LTE, a 4G network that supports the simultaneous use of voice and data.

Surely you have heard of CDMA and GSM when you have been told that you cannot use a certain phone on your mobile network because they use different technologies that are not compatible with each other. For example, you may have an AT&T phone that cannot be used on the Verizon network for the same reason or vice versa.

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