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Dongles Write for Us

Dongles Write for Us

A dongle is a USB device that allows us to add features to our computer that were not covered when designed or built. These features include the possibility of adding a wireless connection, both via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, or even digital locks that will prevent the use of our PC or applications by third parties.

In this article, we will learn about the main types of dongles on the market to consider when the need arises to add an option to old equipment or modernize a device with features that will keep it working for a few more years.

As a general rule, a USB dongle is relatively small, which ensures an easy connection and location, meaning that it will not be annoying when transporting it, or it will protrude too much from the equipment to which it is connected. This virtue allows it to use in all kinds of scenarios without presenting any problem. Also, being USB, we don’t even need to install drivers in the vast majority of cases, so they are cross-platform.


The main dongles found on the market are data storage dongles, one of the best available ways to share data between devices of all kinds. In conclusion, this type of memory gets mounted inside a series of solid-state memory chips that do not need the energy to maintain.

This type of memory has become popular over time due to its capacity and cost, which is very economical. These facts and memory dongles have replaced optical discs such as CD / DVDs and other storage systems types.

Connection via Wi-Fi

Another type of USB dongle that can be very interesting is allowing us to add wireless functionality through Wi-Fi. While most modern computers incorporate this capability, the truth is that older portable devices and desktop PCs may not have this advantage.

The need to include a Wi-Fi dongle in an older laptop is obvious, but on a desktop PC, maybe not. Including a USB Wi-Fi dongle in a desktop computer would allow us, for example, to add it to the network when its location does not allow it, due to cabling and other technical reasons.

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Why Write for Computer Tech Reviews – Dongles Write for Us

Why Write for Computer Tech Reviews – Dongles Write for Us

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