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C ++ write for us

C++ imageC ++ is a programming language designed in the mid-1980s by Bjarne Stroustrup. Its creation intended to extend to the programming language C mechanisms that allow the manipulation of objects. From that point of view of object-oriented languages, C ++ is a hybrid language.

Subsequently, generic programming facilities were added, which added to the paradigms of structured programming and object-oriented programming. C ++ is a multi-paradigm programming language.

There is at present a standard, called ISO C ++, to which most modern compiler manufacturers have adhered. There are also some interpreters, such as ROOT.

A peculiarity of C ++ is the possibility of redefining the operators, and of being able to create new types that behave like fundamental types.

Rick Mascitt proposed the name C ++ in 1983 when the language got first used outside of a scientific laboratory. The name “C with classes” had been used before. In C ++, the expression “C ++” means “increase of C,” and it means that C ++ is an extension of C.

C ++ language features

Some of the essential characteristics of the C ++ language are:

Library support: Through libraries, many functions are available that help you write code swiftly.

Object-Oriented: The center of programming is on objects and the manipulation and configuration of their various parameters or properties.

Speed: The collection and execution of a program in C ++ is much quicker than in mainly programming languages.

Compilation: In C ++, it is essential to compile the low-level code before executing it, not common in other languages.

Pointers: C language pointers also exist in C ++.

Didactic: Learning programming in C ++, then it is much easier to learn languages ​​such as Java, C #, PHP, Java script, etc.

Uses of C ++ applications

  • The applications of the C ++ language are invasive. WEB browsers, operating systems, libraries, video games, graphic applications, clouds, databases, compilers, etc. are written or have enough of their structure, programmed C ++. Let’s talk about some of these applications:
  • Databases: MySQL, one of the most used databases, are written in C ++.
  • WEB browsers: They use C ++ since they need speed to show the results on the screen.
  • Compilers: Compilers for many programming languages ​​get written in C ++.
  • Operating systems: The inner column of both Windows and Linux or Mac OS uses C ++. Its speed and power make it an ideal programming language for programming an operating system.
  • Video-games: C ++ is still used in video games, either to program graphics engines or for any other part of the video game.
  • It is also helpful in other applications such as medical machines, smartwatches, etc. for its ability to be closer to machine language than other high-level languages.
  • For all these uses and applications, we can conclude that the importance of the C ++ language is very significant and is present in many places.

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