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Laser Printers Write for Us

Laser Printers Write for Us

Laser Printer is an electromechanical device that receives digital information from the computer; it uses powdered ink and a laser beam to translate it into a physical medium. They generally use a black toner, although laser printers also prints in color. Devices from which you can currently also receive data directly are portable hard drives, USB sticks, an RJ45 local network (LAN) connector, or from a scanner.

There are two types of printers, impact, and impact-free. The laser printer enters the second classification.

Impact: in the beginning, printers worked similarly to typewriters, with a mechanism that pushes an element against an inked ribbon. It, in turn, against the sheet, generating the printed characters.

Free of impact: in these, there are no blows against the sheet, but the characters are printed on the sheet using ink powder cast on a sheet and fixed with heat.

Operation of a laser printer

The laser printer operates on static electricity and consists of a laser light beam that records the direction, shape, and intensity of the image to be printed on the photoconductive cylinder. These points remain ionized and will pass through the toner tank where the ink powder will be attracted to these points to be later transferred to the paper and through a system of pressure and heat adhere, forming a quality print in a few seconds.

All this process condensed in this way can seem a bit complex, so we can divide it into tasks to understand it better.

Print orders

The printer receives and stores orders from the computer with the information to get printed. Today’s printers have internal RAM to store this data.

Paper in position

The electromechanical mechanism is responsible for arranging the sheet of paper according to the data received on the printing specifications.

Initial charge

An external roller statically charges the photoconductive cylinder.

Laser incidence

The laser hits the cylinder or drum on those parts that will not get printed, those that will appear white on the paper, forming the image to get published with the ionized dots.

Toner tank

The ink in the reservoir, which gets electrically charged, adheres to the ionized areas, those points where the laser did not hit. Otherwise, all the paper would get impregnated with ink.

Priming process

At this point, the ink gets transferred to the paper, passing between the transfer roller and the photoconductive cylinder. It attracts the ink when it has an opposite charge.

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