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virtual imageThe concept, however, is currently associated with what has apparent existence, opposite to the real or physical. This term is common in the field of computing and technology to refer to the reality built using digital systems or formats.

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is the technological system that allows the user to have the feeling of being immersed in a different world than the real one. You can see this illusion, produced by the models created by a computer through a special helmet. Although virtual reality got created video games, it is currently useful in fields such as medicine and transportation.

Virtual reality does not have a well-defined origin, probably because it was the convergence of various ideas and discoveries that took place since the mid-19th century, long before the existence of computers that we know and use today. Here are some milestones throughout the past two centuries, which indeed represent vital points on the road to this fascinating technology:

  • 1838: Charles Wheatstone, an inventor from Britain, created the first stereoscope, a device capable of reproducing static images in three dimensions. It was a system that looked similar to a pair of glasses, in which they placed two photographs of the same scene, each taken from a different angle, to simulate human eye vision.
  • 1929: For the first time in history, it was possible to train future pilots of the US armed forces virtually, thanks to the creation of a flight simulator. It was called Link Trainer (although the name also knew it of Blue Box), and it was mechanical.

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