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Optical Drives Write For Us, Guest Post, Contribute & Submit Post

Optical Drives Write for Us

Optical Drives Write for Us

Optical drives allow you to store or remove data from optical discs, such as CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray, which tend to have greater capacity than portable media such as floppy disks. However, they are a long way from the large storage capacity of a hard drive.

The optical drive often has different names, such as a disk drive, ODD (for short), CD drive, DVD drive, or BD (Blu-ray) drive.

The most popular manufacturers of optical discs are LG, Memorex, and NEC. These are companies dedicated to making all kinds of computer hardware, not just optical disc drives.

Description of the optical disc drive

The optical disc drive is a piece of computer hardware that is the size of a pocketbook. On the front of the unit, it has a small button that will allow us to open or close the unit’s compartment.

It is how we can insert CD, DVD, or BD discs to be read by the unit.

The sides of the optical drive contain threaded holes that allow easy mounting in the 5.25-inch drive bay within the computer case. The optical disc drive gets mounted so that the rear end has the connections located inside the cabinet.

On the back of the unit, we will find a port in which we can insert a standard cable, which must be connected directly to the motherboard. The type of line generally depends on the drive that we are using but is usually included when purchasing the optical drive. We will also connect the device’s power supply, which must get connected to the power supply.

Most optical drives have jumper settings on the back, which will allow us to define how the motherboard will recognize the drive when there is more than one.

The configurations vary according to each unit. So we recommend to consult the manufacturer or checking the manual of each hardware.

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