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Ergonomics Write For Us

Ergonomics is the set of scientific knowledge applied so that work, systems, products, and environments get adapted to the physical and mental capacities and limitations of the person.

According to the Ergonomics Association, ergonomics is the set of multidisciplinary knowledge applied to the adaptation of products, systems, and artificial environments to the needs, limitations, and characteristics of their users, optimizing efficiency, safety, and well-being.


The purpose of ergonomics is to adjust work to the capabilities and possibilities of the human being.

All ergonomic work items get designed with who will be using them in mind. The same should happen with the organization of the company: it is necessary to create it based on the characteristics and needs of the people who make it up.

Applied psycho sociology starts from the fact that people’s needs are changing, as is the social and political organization itself. For this reason, organizations cannot be isolated centers and remain oblivious to these changes.

The quality of the work-life is challenging to translate into words. Still, we can define it as the set of working conditions that do not harm health, and that also offer means for personal development, that is, more excellent content in tasks, participation in decisions, greater autonomy, the possibility of personal development, etc.

The main objectives of ergonomics and applied psychology are the following:

  • Identify, analyze, and reduce occupational risks (ergonomic and psycho social).
  • Adapt the job and working conditions to the characteristics of the operator.
  • It contributes to the evolution of work situations, not only under the angle of material conditions but also in its socio-organizational aspects. The work can occur while safeguarding health and safety, with maximum comfort, satisfaction, and efficiency.
  • Control the introduction of new technologies in organizations and their adaptation to the capacities and aptitudes of the existing workforce.
  • Establish ergonomic prescriptions for the acquisition of various tools, tools, and materials.
  • Increase motivation and job satisfaction.

Ergonomics is the set of scientific knowledge aimed at improving work, and its systems, products and environments so that they adapt to the physical and mental capacities and limitations of the person, according to the International Association of Ergonomics. In addition, the objective of this discipline is to adapt the work to the main needs of the employee and facilitate the analysis of working conditions, as well as the possible injuries that postures, movements and forces can cause, as pointed out by the Spanish Ergonomics Association (AEE).

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