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A desktop computer is a type of personal computer, used in a fixed location. Desktop computers exist in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles, and have largely shaped the world of technology and the way people communicate, document, and create. Desktop computers are used in everyday activities, as you can find them at a cash register, in hospitals, in banks, and schools. They are complex machines, and people of most ages can use them. Behind these useful and everyday machines, there is a vibrant and long history.


The French philosopher and mathematician Blaise Pascal invented the first computer in 1642, which was the mechanical adding machine. The German philosopher and mathematician Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz developed the device so that it could multiply. French inventor Joseph Marie Jacquard altered the design of an automatic loom that used thin perforated wooden boards. In the 1880s, statistician Herman Hollerith used a Jacquard loom design to process data. Hollerith’s machine collected statistical information used in the 1890 US Census. Digital computers got invented in the 19th century.


The 20th century and its rapid progress: the evolution of hardware

During the 20th century, computers, like any other technology, progressed rapidly. In 1941 the German engineer Konrad Zuse developed the Z3, the first fully digital computer that could be programmed. The rapid advancement of electronics occurred during World War II when the British government designed electronic equipment to decipher German codes. However, he was only able to achieve one purpose. In 1946, the University of Pennsylvania developed electronic equipment capable of calculating several hundred multiplications per minute. Transistors were added to computers in the late 1950s to increase speed and extend their life.

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