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JSON Write For Us

JSON, named after the JavaScript Object Notation or JavaScript Object Notation, is a lightweight data exchange format easy for programmers to read and write and simple to interpret and generate for machines. It is a completely language-independent text format but uses conventions that are widely known to programmers, including:

  • C
  • C ++
  • C #
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Perl
  • Python
  • Among others

Furthermore, these properties make JSON an ideal data exchange format with the REST or AJAX API. You can use it in place of XML due to its lightweight and compact structure.

However Many programming languages ​​provide methods for parsing a text string in this format into a native object and vice versa.

According to the Stack Overflow description, JSON “defines six types of values: null, numbers, strings, boolean, arrays and objects.”

Despite its name, it is not necessarily part of JavaScript; in fact, it is a plain text-based standard for data exchange, used in many systems that require displaying or sending information to be interpreted by other systems.

One of the characteristics of JSON, being a format that is independent of any programming language, is that the services that share information by this method do not need to speak the same language. The sender can be Java and the receiver Python because each one has its library to encode and decode strings in this format.

We can conclude then that JSON is a standard format for ‘serializing’ and ‘deserializing’ objects in most languages.

JSON is a text-based data format that follows the JavaScript object syntax, popularized by Douglas Crockford. Although it is very similar to JavaScript’s object literal syntax, it can be used independently of JavaScript, and many programming environments have the ability to read (convert, parse) and generate JSON.

JSONs are strings – useful when you want to transmit data over a network. It must be converted to a native JavaScript object when accessing its data is required. This is not a problem since JavaScript has a JSON global object with the methods available to convert between them.

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