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What is Boolean? – Definition, Types, Functions, And More

What is Boolean? – Definition, Types, Functions, And More

Definition Boolean

Social Media Monitoring conducts using keywords and Boolean operators, which allow the analyst to enter a series of search terms for a sample of conversations on social networks, blogs, and online communities.

It is essential to choose the words to trace correctly, and the Boolean operators that we will use.

Boolean operators focus specifically on searches and are used to apply criteria when performing them. The most important are: AND, OR, and NOT.

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Working with hundreds of data already has its complexity. But what happens when instead of hundreds we speak of thousands? The more segmentation formulas a Social Media Analytics tool has, the easier it will be to view the specific results.

In Brandchats dashboards, we facilitate the search for keywords through categorization, but also, the solution offers other research features such as Boolean searches “AND” and “OR.”

The easiest way to understand its use is through practical examples:


Displays only result in that contain all of the specified search terms regardless of order and relative position. For example, searching for “detergent AND fabric softener” will display all results that contain “detergent” and “fabric softener” in each.


Shows results that contain at least one of the two terms. It is useful to indicate associations between words or synonyms in your search.

For example, if we search for “detergent OR fabric softener,” all results that contain “detergent” and all results that contain “fabric softener” will be displayed.

It is essential to define exhaustively the criteria that make up the search, that is, to determine which words will articulate the tracking and capture of the information. Successful results will depend on this step.

Once the search criteria are clear, and the information gets tracked, the brand can know the results obtained through the interactive graphics and the different functionalities and environments of Brandchats.

Also, Boolean operators facilitate reporting based on the data they deemed necessary for the proposed analysis.

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