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JavaScript Write for Us

JavaScript imageJavaScript is the only programming language that works naively in browsers (language interpreted without compilation). Therefore it is used as a complement to HTML and CSS to create web pages.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is the programming language in charge of giving more interactivity and dynamism to web pages. When we execute JavaScript in the browser, it doesn’t need a compiler. The browser directly reads the code, without the need for third parties. Therefore, it is one of the three native languages ​​of the web along with HTML (content and its structure) and CSS (content design and its construction).

JavaScript and Java are two diverse programming languages. The confusion comes from the name, registered by the same Java developer (Sun Micro systems). JavaScript created later, and what the North American company did was change the name that its creators had given it when they bought the project (Live Script). The Java programming language has been oriented too much more than the web since its inception.

Uses of JavaScript

With this programming language on the client-side (not on the server), we can create effects and animations without any interaction or responding to events caused by the user, such as buttons and modifications of the DOM (document object model). Therefore, it has nothing to do with the Java programming language, since its primary function is to help create dynamic web pages.

JavaScript is capable of detecting errors in forms of creating beautiful sliders that adapt to any screen, making mathematical calculations efficiently, of modifying elements of a web page quickly. But JavaScript is also responsible for the existence of tools such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, and many others, which are clear examples of JavaScript.

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