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Hacking Write For Us

Hacking Write For Us

The word hack is well known in the context of computing, since it defines the action of entering abruptly and without permission into a computer system or network. The person who performs this action is called a hacker.

Types of Hacking

Trojans via text messaging, this hack consists of setting up a program with a Trojan or Trojan horse, as many know it, alluding to Greek mythology. It has the ability not to be seen and it is forbidden to use it since through it you can read, delete, and modify any file.

A very particular feature of the Trojan is that once it is loaded into the instant messaging program, the hacker will know when the user is online, at which time the intruder can steal the information. The transfer of data from the infected computer to that of the intruder is carried out because instant messaging opens a communication tunnel, which is used by the hacker.

Phishing, this is another method to hacking, is to deceive users who have bank accounts through emails. Its modus operandi begins when the cyber criminal impersonates a trusted person or body, beginning an apparent electronic communication, usually through emails, text messages, or phone calls.

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