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Surveillance Write for Us



Orderly and willing service to watch is Surveillance. It may be the private company’s service (either through guards or technological equipment such as video cameras) or by public security forces (the police, the gendarmerie, the army, etc.).: “The surveillance of this company It is stringent: it only allows those who show their identity document to pass, “The restaurant on the other block decided to hire surveillance after suffering its third robbery in two months, “The manager plans to install new cameras to reinforce surveillance of the factory.”

For this prevention and protection task, they use all kinds of technical tools and technology. Among these, the so-called video surveillance cameras have taken a unique role in recent years.

How does it work?

They record the images of everything around them, be it the interior of a building or the exterior of a home. Thanks to them, it is possible to perceive, for example, the arrival of intruders to the place and not only that, but now, thanks to the advances that they incorporate, they can directly notify the owner of the premises using an alarm when the presence of strangers is perceived.

However, many other instruments and devices can undertake video surveillance tasks. Specifically, we could talk about GPS tracking, wiretapping, hidden microphones, camouflaged vehicles …

On many occasions, devices are used by the military or police forces when it comes to capturing a dangerous criminal or protecting a high-ranking representative from possible attacks that want to end his life.

We can say that Surveillance is a monitoring process, be it human beings, animals, objects, or processes. The intention is that the monitored act or stay within the expected parameters.

In some matters, Surveillance guarantees security conflicts with the privacy of individuals. It is the case with cameras installed in public places.

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