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Inkjet Printers Write for Us

Inkjet Printers Write for Us

Jet printers have forever changed how we print our documents, whether at home, in the office, or industry. It is mainly due to the price of the supplies and their ease of use and the high quality of printing that they can achieve.

Despite the widespread use of jet printing technology today, few users know how such a device works. An inkjet printer, or Ink-Jet printers as they are also known, uses a principle that is quite simple at first glance, and which consists of driving a minuscule amount of ink onto the paper through nozzles. Ink, which together will later form the image.

What are inkjet printers, and how do they work?

Inkjet printers are of two types: printers that use a printing system called “Bubblejet” and printers that use the piezoelectric method, the mode of operation being quite different.

The “Bubblejet” printer method uses a series of resistors that generate heat when transferred by electricity, used to heat the ink, and produce a bubble, which expands inside the nozzle forcing it to come out and impregnate the paper. Generally, a bubble type printer offers around three hundred print nozzles. This printing method is widely useful by manufacturers such as Lexmark, HP, and others.

The piezoelectric printing system, instead of using heat, uses small crystals in the nozzles that vibrate when excited by an electric current, which will ultimately push the ink out of the nozzle and impregnate the paper. One of the advantages of the piezoelectric system concerning the bubble system is that since the drops are much smaller than in the latter system, it allows better control of the printing quality. The Epson company patented the piezoelectric printing system, and it is one of the largest manufacturers of printers with this method in the world.

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Why Write for Computer Tech Reviews – Inkjet Printers Write for Us

Why Write for Computer Tech Reviews – Inkjet Printers Write for Us

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