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What is HP Fortify? – Definition, Characteristics and More

What is HP Fortify? – Definition, Characteristics and More

HP Fortify Definition

HP Fortify is a complete application security solution. It covers all aspects such as application security testing, software security management, and automatic application protection to help you secure the software that leverages your business.

In addition, with almost 80% of its critical applications for companies at risk, a global approach to application security is crucial.

You need to systematically test and re-examine all web, mobile, and client applications, regardless of whether they are developed internally, created by a third party, open-source or ready to use.

HP Fortify offers on-premises and on-demand application security solutions to cover all your software security needs, including Software, mobile, and web application security.

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Characteristics of HP Fortify

Safety Testing of Static Applications

HP Fortify Static Code Analyzer SCA Automate static application security testing (SAST) with HP Fortify Static Code Analyzer and also allow application developers to focus on innovations, providing them with the code detail line of the vulnerabilities found and the context they need to resolve the situation quickly.

Dynamic security tests in applications

HP WebInspect Automate dynamic security testing of applications with HP WebInspect so you can scan more code, faster and with better results.

Used by professional security testers, WebInspect goes beyond Black Box testing for complete application coverage.

Application self-protection

They allow security teams to have confidence in applications such as Java and .NET to run safely in production applications and do not pose any threat to company assets with HP Application Defender.

Software security program

HP Fortify Software Security Center server Create a software security program with HP Software Security Center. Map the results of the security tests and distribute the security intelligence in your organization.

Accelerate audits, integrate the latest research, and maintain a clear and accurate view of the entire security development life cycle.

Security tests monitored

Get application security testing capabilities with HP Fortify on Demand. And also, give your organization confidence by leveraging HP managed security services.

Our experienced testers use cutting-edge application testing technologies to reinforce your internal testing equipment. Also, manage a complete software security guarantee program for you.

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