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A printer is an auxiliary object, connected to a central processing unit of a computer; its function is to make a copy of those documents stored in an electronic format. These documents can be texts or images that are printed on a sheet or transparent using ink cartridges or laser technology.

Most printers get connected to a computer through a cable. However, there are also network printers, which have an internal network interface, which allows any user on the network to print documents.

Some of the characteristics of the printers are the printing speed, determined in pages per minute (ppm), or characters per second (cps). The resolution that refers to the quality of the printing and is expressed by the amount of dots (pixels) that the printer can create on the paper, the memory buffer (Temporary data storage area in the printer), a connection interface, cartridges, integrated memory and finally we have the paper.

Each printer has specific printing methods; there are various technologies, regarding image quality, printing speed, cost, noise, internal and external design. It makes each printer different, among the types of printers we have toner, inkjet, solid ink, impact, dot matrix, sublimation ink.

In addition to the printers mentioned above, new technologies have emerged today that take us to braille, line, and 3D printers that allow a copy of the document in 3D, and finally, multifunctional printers that not only can print photocopies but also possible to send faxes.

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