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SAP Write for us

The SAP is “Systems, Applications, Products in Data Processing,” is a computer system that allows companies to manage their human, financial-accounting, production, logistics and more, the world’s leading companies use SAP to manage all phases of their business models successfully..

Uses of SAP

SAP establishes and integrates the companies’ production system. It is consists of ideal tools to cover all the needs of business management -whether large or small- around: business administration, accounting systems, financial management, accounting, operations management, and marketing plans, logistics, etc. SAP provides software services and products to solve problems in companies arising from the global competitive environment, the development of customer satisfaction strategies, the need for technological innovation, quality processes, and continuous improvement, as well as compliance with legal regulations. Imposed by government institutions. The application modules are as follows:

  • Financial management (FI). Ledger, auxiliary books, individual ledgers, etc.
  • Controlling (CO). General expenses, product costs, income statements, profit centers, etc.
  • Treasury (TR). Control of funds, budget management, etc.
  • Project system (PS). Graphs, project cost accounting, etc.
  • Personnel management (HR). Personnel management, payroll calculation, personnel recruitment, etc.
  • Maintenance (PM). Task planning, maintenance planning, etc.
  • Quality management (QM). Quality planning, quality inspection, certificate of quality notice, etc.
  • Product planning (PP). Manufacture on request, mass production, etc.
  • Material management (MM). Inventory management, purchases, invoice verification, etc.
  • Commercial (SD). Sales, shipping, billing, etc.

These modules are like “separate applications” that get tailored to each department in question. Let’s say all the departments have their programs to manage the tasks, and then everything is reflected together in the shared database. Bosses, for example, can see thanks to BI (Business Intelligence) the situation of the company in real-time, through charts, reports … etc.

SAP ERP 6.0 is the version designed for multinational companies, such as those listed in the “Fortune 500” list; This is due to both the complexity of the solution and the cost associated with it.

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