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The business is an operation of specified complexity related to the processes of production, distribution, and sale of services and goods, Furthermore it satisfies the different needs of the buyers and also benefits the sellers too. In modern times, the administration of these productive functions is also in charge of individual entrepreneurs and owners, who, in turn, are in charge of organizing and directing the industries, seeking to obtain an economic benefit.

Since the era of economic flourishing began with the Industrial Revolution, the ancient ways of doing business have undergone certain modifications, giving rise to the methods of business organization that are available today. Due to the various branches of the industry evolved and began to work more efficiently.

What is trade?

Business is also the place where it is negotiated or traded, although the correct way to refer to this concept is through the term store. The trade, on the other hand, is the negotiation at the time of buying or selling merchandise. Commerce can be used as a synonym for business when referring to a physical place, a retail store.

However the business world involves, in its broadest sense, several related notions. When the business activity works formally, and with a specific volume, companies get created. Moreover a company is an economic-social unit, made up of human, technical, and material elements,  Its objective is to obtain profits through participation in the market for goods and services.

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