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Push Notifications Write for us

Push Notifications write for uspreviously, if we used a local mail client, such as Outlook, from Microsoft, to keep up to date with new emails, we had to do it manually or configure it to query the server for new messages automatically. Blackberry wanted us not to have to worry about that detail, and that is why he devised a new technology, which was called a push. It consists in that it is not the client who makes the query, but the server who sends it; in other words, instead of us asking: “Are their new messages?”, it is the server who tells us: “Hey, you have a new message.” There is no difference, but in reality, communication is happening in the opposite direction. In this way, despite not being instant messaging, the client receives the news, and, therefore, we know that we have a new message. It was quite a revolution, and it was not strange to see how these terminals became so popular in the US since the added grace of all this is that the application in question did not need to be active. We simply received the notification, and we decided whether or not to consult the new message.


Knowing this, let’s go back a second to the meaning of “push.” There are two communication technologies: push and pull. The difference is that in push, it is the server that sends the query, while in a pull, we are the ones who query the server. Think about it in the following way: there are applications that we have to pull down with our finger to refresh them, as is the case with Twitter or Gmail. While in others, such as WhatsApp, it is the application itself that informs us that a friend has sent us a new message. As you can see, I have already mentioned a famous messaging app among users. We will use it as an example to explain the entire journey that the message makes so that the push service returns it to our terminal.

Technology is one of the four factors of production along with capital, land, and labor. Man uses technology to satisfy his needs, which may involve transforming his environment, solving problems, increasing efficiency, improving aesthetics, etc.

Well-used technology can improve people’s quality of life (such as cleaner production methods). However, misuse can cause significant harm to people and society (for example, the use of technology for attacks and crimes).

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