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IVR imageInteractive Voice Response or IVR  is an automatic interactive response system, aimed at delivering and capturing automated information over the phone, allowing access to information services and authorized operations, 24 hours a day.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems generally work in conjunction with Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) systems as part of a broader call flow scheme to improve the customer call experience, reduce costs, and service high volumes of calls.

The following are the essential functions and features:

  • Voice (analog / digital) and data (VoIP) technology.
  • Automate and streamline customer requests over the phone.
  • Optimize the time of our employees.
  • Conversation recording can be easily stored and attached as wave files.
  • Real-time information and statistics.
  • Customizable voiceovers.
  • Multi-language speech recognition and synthesis.
  • Voicemails.
  • We can send e-mail with attached files.
  • Supply of tailor-made IVR services.

The Asterisk opensource solution incorporates a mighty IVR, which can is easily manageable with Free PBX. If you want to improve the benefits that Asterisk offers with its base solution, you can incorporate voice synthesis modules (TTS or Text To Speech) or voice recognition (ASR, Automatic Speech recognition) from manufacturers such as Verbio or Loquendo. Other licensed solutions improve Asterisk’s performance in this regard, such as the one offered by Dial Applet.

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