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Virtual Meeting Write for us

Virtual Meeting write for usA virtual Meeting is a video conferencing mode for up to 800 participants (up to 1600 participants in UDP Multicast mode), where presenters select speakers in real-time. The number of speakers varies from 1 to 36, depending on the size of the conference.

All conference participants can see and hear the speakers. The other participants in the conference are not visible to anyone. Still, any user can raise a hand to become the speaker or be invited to the podium by the moderator. Conference participants can use the audio responses and group chat or take the polls in the address book to provide feedback at any time.

Comments from all users

Thanks to TrueConf video conferencing software, any attendee can make audio comments during the conference, exchange messages in the chat, conduct polls using reactions, or become a speaker and show slides. Our collaboration tools help participants simulate a real-life conversation.

Streaming of video conference

You can stream your video conferences to any audience with TrueConf Server. We have supported modern broadcast industry standards that give you the ability to host broadcasts for even up to 1,000,000 users with popular content delivery solutions and services.

Public conferences and webinars

TrueConf Server allows you to create public video conferences available to unregistered users and federated accounts. You can quickly develop webinars across your network and the Internet.

Smart allocation of media traffic

Participants using different types of endpoints (laptops, tablets) receive the best possible video quality, depending on the screen resolution and performance of their devices.

  • Convenient conference control
  • Flexible setting of a conference available to the host conference scheduling
  • automatic podium access for users wishing to make a presentation
  • participant list management
  • podium handover
  • Greater collaboration efficiency

The following tools are available during virtual classes:

  • Capture and stream video content and applications directly to the conference
  • Slideshows and Presentations
  • Video conference recording
  • Instant messaging

If you work from home, by will or due to force majeure, you should know that virtual meetings are the most common way to communicate with your work team. However, it is not as simple as connecting to a digital platform and chatting. Video conferencing has advantages and disadvantages that you can take advantage of or face if you follow the advice of the experts. So you want to know how to be productive at home and take advantage of virtual conferences? At Coworkingfy we tell you how to achieve it.

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