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laptop imageA laptop or notebook is a PC that we can use in more than one place, that is, in a freeway. It is possible due to a battery that we can recharge using electric current.

The use of each of its components is essential since this determines the autonomy, which is nothing it works for more without connecting to the electric current.

Uses of Laptop

The laptop market is very flexible. It easily adapts to increasingly specific needs, almost annually. For example, you can find notebooks, netbooks, ultra books, or tablet PCs. They are adaptable to nearly any need depending on the model you choose:

Replace to a desktop PC. Their size is essential since they are designed to work with them and need a monitor of specific dimensions. In such models, power is more important than autonomy.

For Games. They comprise the latest in processors and graphics cards. Some models permit the connection of an external graphics card, thus achieving both autonomy and power when needed.

Low cost. It includes netbooks and notebooks designed for those who want mobility but do not need great features.

Ultra-portable. Intel, created in 2012, a new model of laptop known as an ultra book. These computers consume little, weigh even less, although their problem is the price and the lack of power compared to other laptops.

Hybrid tablet PC. With the advent of Windows 8, the distance between tablets and the PC world got thinned. It is also essential to mention the tablet PCs that you can use even with Windows XP.

As you can see, there is a laptop model for almost any task, leaving the world of the PC increasingly limited.

The improvement of the batteries and the continuous improvements in all the elements that compose it has allowed us to be talking about a mature technology with a great future.

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