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A Tablet is a type of laptop bigger than a smartphone or PDA, integrated into a touch screen (single or multi-touch) with which you interact primarily with your fingers without need a physical keyboard or mouse.

Referring to the study carried out by Rosario Ortega Perez, it is convenient that we establish a first difference between what is known as a tablet PC and the new tactile tablets.

What is a Tablet?

The tablet PC is a peripheral or portable digital device with the characteristics of a PC and that in recent years have been used and are used in some educational centers with a wireless connection to a digital whiteboard. In these devices, the user makes notes, and it operates with the computer through the surface of the screen using a writing device or pointer and specific software.

Apart from many other differences, the tablets integrate processors that consume less energy but incorporate less memory. Some models available on the market include a micro SD slot, thus increasing the storage possibilities. However, these devices of panoramic format stand out for their lightness, versatility, and small dimensions (between 7 ’and 10’), which significantly facilitates their portability. We could say that they are halfway between a smartphone and a laptop. Tablets are more focused on accessing applications (apps) than creating content. Another remarkable feature of these devices is their tactile nature, which allows you to dispense with a physical keyboard or mouse. It turns them into intuitive, fast tools that do not require instrumental learning by the user. For the first time, it is a technology that adapts to the user and not the other way around.

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