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Signal Write for Us

Signal Write for Us

We will explain what Signal is, mentioning that its encryption ended up being so popular that WhatsApp itself has adopted it. We will then explain how it works and how it will offer you both in conversations with other users and configure their privacy.

What is Signal?

A signal is an instant messaging application, an alternative to other more popular ones like WhatsApp or Telegram. It is less used but very loved among advanced users because it focuses on offering maximum privacy. It is almost impossible for others to intercept your communications as it can happen in other applications.

Signal uses an end-to-end encryption protocol called Open Whispers Systems for all communications, which means that messages leave your mobile already encrypted and get only decrypted when they reach the recipient’s mobile. This way, if someone intercepts them on the way, they won’t be able to read them. Signal’s encryption is so popular that WhatsApp itself decided to use it to implement this type of technology.

Unlike other applications such as Telegram, which only apply end-to-end encryption when you deliberately open a private conversation, both Signal and WhatsApp use this encryption by default in all exchanges. In Signal’s case, we must add other privacy options that we will discuss a little later.

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