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Multiplex Write for Us

Multiplex Write for Us

Multiplexing is a way of sending multiple signals or information streams over a shared communication medium at the same time. Thus, it sends a single complex password that the receiver recovers and separates in a process called demultiplexing.

Networks use multiplexing for two reasons:

To make

Any network device can talk to any other network device without having to dedicate a connection for each pair.

To cut costs by maximizing the service of an expensive resource. For example, to send many signals on each cable or fiber that runs between major metropolitan areas or through a satellite uplink.

Each packet (cluster) of signals is a multiplex.

Common examples:

Several television channels can share the same multiplex (same frequency band).

Multiple phone calls can share a single wire.

Types of multiplexing

Multiplexing originated as a telegraphy method (1870) and is widely present in all telecommunications today. A machine that performs multiplexing is a multiplexer or MUX. A machine that serves the reverse operation is a demultiplexer, DEMUX, or DMX.

In analog radio transmission, signals multiplexes using frequency division multiplexing (FDM). A communications link’s bandwidth is divided into subchannels of different frequency widths, each carrying one signal simultaneously. Analog cable television works in the same way, sending multiple material channels over the same coaxial cable strands.

All of these techniques use the same concept. FDM works in broadcasting and television, while WDM works in telecommunications and computer networks that use laser systems (which generate the signals sent through fiber optic cables).

There are also wide WDMs (CWDM) and dense WDMs (DWDM), which put relatively fewer or more channels of information, respectively, in between at the same time. Other variations use the polarization of light to a multiplex.

In digital transmission, signals multiplexes using time-division multiplexing (TDM), in which multiple signals run on the same channel in alternate time slots. For instance, TDM works on SONET links to be a mainstay of corporate Internet and WAN connectivity.

Code division multiplexing (CDM) uses identification codes to differentiate one signal from another on a shared medium. Every signal get a sequence of bits called spreading code that combines with the original signal to produce a new stream of coded data; a receiver that knows the code can recover the original signal by subtracting the spreading code (a process called spreading). The CDM is useful in broadcasting and digital television and third-generation mobile-cellular networks. In cases where CDM allows multiple signals from multiple sources, we call it Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA).

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