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Marketing Write For Us

Marketing is the discipline and art of exploring, creating, and delivering value to meet a for-profit target market’s needs. Marketing identifies unrealized needs and wants. Define, measure, and quantify the size of the identified market and the potential profit.

This article will explain the concept, the main types of marketing that exist, and other information to understand how to get started.

What is marketing?

The first step to begin to understand what marketing is is to define the concept.

Marketing is a word that comes from the English language despite its intrinsic nature in world culture.

In English, marketing is a study of the causes, objectives, and results generated through the different ways we deal with the market.

As per the American Marketing Association: The Marketing is an activity, a set of institutions and processes to create, communicate, deliver and change offers that have value for consumers, customers, associates and societies in general.

That is Marketing is a series of strategies, techniques, and practices whose main objective is to add value to specific brands or products to attribute greater importance to a particular target audience consumers.

Whoever believes that Marketing only aims to sell something is deceived.

This concept involves everything this process, such as the production, logistics, marketing, and after-sales of the product/service.

What are the 4p’s of marketing?

Also known as the Marketing mix, these variables will dictate and influence your strategies and how they will act in the way the market responds to your investments.

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