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Amplifier Write for Us

Amplifier Write for Us

An amplifier is an electronic circuit capable of increasing the current intensity, voltage, or power of the signal applied to its input, obtaining the output’s increased signal. To amplify the power, it is necessary to get the energy from an external power source. In this sense, the Amplifier works as a modulator of the power supply output.


Depending on the working point of an amplifier transistor location, these are three types:

A class

In A class configuration, the transistor works regardless of a signal at the input. It amplifies the complete sinusoidal signal (in its two cycles (+) and (-)). It has little efficiency.

Class B

Without a signal, the transistor is at rest; it only amplifies a half cycle of the input signal (sinusoid), or the half-cycle (+) or the (-). It has high efficiency.

Class C

It is similar to class B but only amplifies part of the half cycle of the input signal.

In audio amplifiers, classes A and B are the most used.


Electronic amplifiers work primarily to increase the voltage, current, or power of a signal. Linear amplifiers boost the signal without distorting it (or distorting it minimally) so that the output is proportional to the input. Non-linear amplifiers allow you to generate a considerable change in the waveform of the signal.

Linear amplifiers work for sound and video signals. In contrast, non-linear amplifiers work in oscillators, electronic power supplies, modulators, mixers, logic circuits, and other applications where a reduction in amplitude is required. Although vacuum tubes were of great importance in amplifiers, discrete transistor circuits or integrated circuits get still used.

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Why Write for Computer Tech Reviews – Amplifier Write for Us

Why Write for Computer Tech Reviews – Amplifier Write for Us

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