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Compiler Write for Us

Compiler Write for Us

A compiler is a particular software that translates a program written in a high-level programming language (C / C ++, COBOL, etc.) into machine language. A compiler generally generates assembly language first and then translates the assembly language into machine language. A utility known as a “linker” combines all the necessary machine language modules into one executable program run on the computer.

A little history

In the early 1950s, Grace Murray Hopper coined the term compiler.  She was an American computer scientist. Harvard Mark I, a programming pioneer, invented one of the first compiler-related tools. She made the idea of ​​machine-independent programming languages popular, which led to COBOL development, a high-level programming language still in use.

The first compiler of the FORTRAN high-level language was developed between 1954 and 1957 at IBM by a group led by John Backus.

A compiler is one of the pillars of programming and understanding communication between a high-level language and a machine. Knowing the operation of this intermediate step will allow us to develop and program high-level languages ​​more precisely.

Traditionally, compilers generated machine code of a lower quality than that which human programmers could write. Still, nowadays, compilers provide a small and fast high-quality machine code, making assembly programming unattractive.

Assembler programmers still have an advantage in that they have a greater overall understanding of the program that allows them to perform specific code optimizations that are very difficult for compilers.

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Why Write for Computer Tech Reviews – Compiler Write for Us

Why Write for Computer Tech Reviews – Compiler Write for Us

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