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Security Systems Write of us

Security Systems write of us

When protecting any home or business with a security system, it is essential to consider two factors: on the one hand, the effectiveness of the system as a preventive element against theft and intrusions and, secondly, its possibilities of response and action, in case of danger. Some security systems – such as bars or armored doors, for example – can be effective deterrents. Still, they do not facilitate the implementation of a security protocol if you suffer an intrusion or there is a health emergency, so their effectiveness is limited.

Security Direct alarms with a 24-hour connection to our Alarm Receiving Central fulfill the two objectives of security systems: they repel intruders thanks to their deterrent effect and, if an intrusion attempt finally occurs, locate unauthorized presences, and they send an alert so that the necessary security protocols are activated, which can include warning the police, Security vigilante, firefighters or ambulance.

A security system is not 100% effective if it does not guarantee a quick response in dangerous situations. In this sense, the Security Direct alarm is in charge of detecting strangers – even before they have entered the protected property – and sends an alarm to our Central Alarm Reception Center (CRA).

In our CRA, we attend to each alarm jump in an average time of only 29 seconds; we verify what happened and, if there has been an attempted robbery, robbery, or accident, we promptly notify the police, private security, fire brigade or ambulance.

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