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Java Write for us

java write for usJava is a programming language; it is a computing platform first commercialized in 1995 by Sun Micro-systems, that is how easily Java’s website summarizes what this technology is.

It was born to be a simple structure programming language to run in various operating systems. Regarding its name, it was initially going to be called Oak, but since this brand was already registered, it ended up opting for Java.

Uses of Java

Java is used to create applications and processes on a wide variety of devices. It is based on goal-oriented programming, allows you to run the same program on various operating systems, and safely run the code on remote systems.

Its scope is so broad that we can use Java in both mobile phones and household appliances. Many programmers also use this language to create small applications that are inserted into the HTML code of a page to run it from a browser.

Differences between Java and JavaScript

The similarity in name between Java and JavaScript causes them to be confused at times. Instead, they are both different. The main difference is that JavaScript is an object-based programming language, while Java is an object-oriented language.

Furthermore, in Java, variables have a specific type that cannot be changed, while in JavaScript, the same variable can get modified, allowing great flexibility.

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