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E-learning Write for us

e-learning imageE-learning is the teaching process that is carried out or developed on the Internet and through the use of electronic means. It is also called, among other meanings, online training, virtual teaching, remote training, or electronic learning. However, an important distinction is there between what is understood by e-learning (knowledge through the Internet) and b-learning or blended learning (knowledge by combining distance learning and face-to-face learning ).

Advantages of e-learning

  1. Savings. E-learning represents a very significant cost reduction compared to face-to-face learning. Moreover this type of online education, transportation, accommodation, teaching materials, subsistence, tuition, etc. are saved.
  2. Speed ​​and agility. E-learning starts with the enormous advantage of being learning where immediacy prevails when it comes to obtaining the necessary information for any learning—the data collected at the moment and in an agile and very accessible way.
  3. Just-in-time access. Training through e-learning is carried out when it is needed as you are the one who controls the tempo of your online training.
  4. Just-for-me access. In addition to being able to learn at the time you want, e-learning allows you a much more individualized and personalized type of teaching or learning depending on your pedagogical and technological characteristics.
  5. Time flexibility. Another clear advantage of e-learning, as opposed to face-to-face learning, is that it is you who can manage your learning rhythm. And you can do it anytime, anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection and an electronic device. With e-learning, it is possible to break the always difficult temporary barrier.
  6. Electronic material. In e-learning, the paper format gets replaced by an electronic format. Mainly it is an audiovisual material, such as video tutorials or presentations.
  7. Space barrier. With e-learning, spatial boundaries disappear, since it is possible to carry out any online training regardless of location. It is what is understood by spatial delocalization.

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