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learning write for usLearning is the process through which abilities, skills, knowledge, behaviors, and values ​​are modified and acquired. This as a result of the study, experience, observation, reasoning, and instruction. However there are different learning theories to analyze this process from various perspectives. It is one of the most important mental functions in humans, animals, and artificial systems. Various factors intervene in it, ranging from the environment in which the human being operates, as well as the values ​​and principles learned in the family. In the latter, laws of learning get recognized; and the knowledge received is consolidated that forms the basis for subsequent learning.

What is learning?

Learning is nothing but education and personal development. It must get correctly oriented and optimal when the individual is motivated. The study on how to learn is neuropsychology, educational psychology, and anthropology, about each stage of human development. He conceives his theoretical, methodological, and instructional approaches for each of them. Within it are framed, for example, pedagogy and androgyny, the education of children and adults, respectively.

Moreover It occurs through the behavioral changes that experience produce. And although maturation factors, biological rhythms, and diseases are involved in these changes, they are not determining factors as such. It is the process to acquire a particular skill, information gets assimilated, or a new knowledge and action strategy is adopted  It is also a process through which the person appropriates culture in its different dimensions, concepts, procedures, attitudes, and values.

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