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E-commerce write for us

e commerceE-commerce is the business model based on the transactions of products and services in electronic media, either on social networks or on websites.

Electronic commerce is growing by leaps and bounds in different corners of the world. At the end of 2019, the expansion of sales through digital channels increased by 15.7% in the region, compared to 2018 figures, according to statistics from the World Electronic Commerce Index, cited by America Retail.

It is mainly due to the positive growth in Internet penetration and the use of social networks. And, for example, in the region, there are more than 300 million Facebook users.

on the other hand that your brand can reach part of that great community! Amazing. Faced with this reality, it is crucial that your company truly achieve digital transformation so that it takes full advantage of this thriving sector.

For that reason, today, we want to help you learn much more about e-commerce, specific aspects such as its definition, characteristics, utilities, history, types, and best platforms, among others.

What is electronic commerce?

Since electronic commerce, translated from the English term e-commerce, can also be defined as the economic activity that allows the trade of products and services from digital media, such as web pages, mobile applications, and social networks.

Through the virtual network, customers can access various catalogs of services and products at any time and anywhere.

Due to its efficiency, the relevance of this type of commerce is a part of the sales strategy.

The establishments already have web pages and create profiles on social networks to reach an excellent range of public.

Selling and buying is already a simple task, promoted, of course, by technology, such as mobile devices with network access.

It is about the processes of sale and purchase of products and services through electronic channels, especially Internet websites, applications, and social networks.

Also, to explain it from a more informal point of view, we can assess it as a process in which two or more people reach a commercial agreement (specifically purchase or sale) through digital or electronic channels.

Although it is not compulsory to create a sizable virtual store and be a consolidated brand on the Internet, anyone can do so through a simple publication on their social networks or taking advantage of an external platform.

Of course, when you want to make this activity a sustainable, profitable and lasting business, it is essential to focus on branding, digital authority, marketing and many other elements that contribute to positioning and exposure.

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