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What is Media? – Definition, Types and More – Computer Tech Reviews

What is Media? – Definition, Types and More – Computer Tech Reviews

What is Media?

Media, mostly the mass media of modern society, through which information can made accessible to a multitude of people. These can be newspapers, magazines, books, and leaflets (“print media”), radio, film, and television. As well as the so-called “new media”, under which digital [media] summarizes the Internet, e-books or mobile phones.

Likewise, storage media such as CDs or DVDs are among the mass [media]. The word “press” is also uses broadly in the mass media. In the narrower sense, it mainly refers to newspapers, magazines and the news industry.

 Which different media are there?

The sort of media that everyone can think of is so-called print media. These can be, for example, newspapers and magazines. The group of print [media] also includes books, maps, and posters. Last but not least, catalogs, i.e., advertising media, also belong in this group. Even calendars, flyers and postcards fit into this category.

A medium that is only available to a few people or, as a rule, to those with a degree, are found on scientific publications. The printing is done of the print [media] on paper. Taken its origin has this kind of information dissemination with the invention in the 15th-century book printing.

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Publication Invention

Johannes Gutenberg has enforced this rapid form of publication and its spread at the transition to modern times. The goldsmith managed to design an utterly typewritten system, where you can put the individual letters and then make countless prints. At that time, the invention of printing was mainly used to duplicate the Bible.

Centuries, pamphlets, newspapers, and fiction are added. In connection with the print [media] it should be mentioned that in Germany the freedom of the press applies, i.e. newspapers and book publications may not be censored.

However, it is a law that every publication requires an imprint. It includes the most critical data of the person making the publication. These include the name, address and, if necessary, a telephone number or e-mail address or the address of the publisher.

What are the new media?

The new media are in comparison to the traditional mass media of recent date. In the 90s, the term “new media” became the norm for all electronic and digital [media]. The invention of the internet has enabled using emails and chats as a new [media]. But even the CD-ROM or the DVD is such new media that fall into the field of storage [media].

In the meantime, the area of ​​new [media] could well be grouped in the mass [media]. Because the use of the Internet has skyrocketed in recent decades. Nevertheless, there are still many more people without the Internet than people without television. Whether this is enough to call the new media as exhibition [media], is in question.

How the media shape our lives?

Our lives are increasingly being influenced and shaped by mass [media] television, newspapers and radio. And, it also includes new [media] such as the Internet.

Sometimes it’s just habits that connect us to the media. Such as, the newspaper or magazines reading at the breakfast table or the cozy evening on the couch watching TV. But the search for news, information, and entertainment also connect us with it.

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The internet medium has much to offer

First and foremost is the Internet, which provides countless information in all sorts of areas and sectors. There is something for every heart. No matter whether surfing the Internet collects information or it indulges in the online shopping experience.

This medium has a lot to offer. From curious discoveries to new background information, everything is there what an enjoyable time promises.

The news is a high priority in our society. It should be as broad information as possible. So it is no longer just the events in your own country, which reach the attention. Also what happens somewhere else in the world, is of interest.

Media are an essential part of everyday life

In addition to information and entertainment, leisure activities, and further education use media. All areas select from a wealth of newspapers, magazines, websites and TV channels. In all, we must not forget well-tried radio.

Whether in the car or at home, there is hardly a household that does not have a radio. Whether the information from the radio station, such as the news or traffic information. And also users  listening to his favorite songs, the radio has become an integral part of our everyday lives.

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