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VPN Write For Us

VPN Write for Us

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a network technology used to connect one or more computers to a private network using the Internet. Companies often use these networks so that their employees, from their homes, hotels, etc., can access corporate resources that they could not otherwise. However, connecting an employee’s computer to corporate resources is only a function of a VPN.

On many occasions, we have recommended that readers use a private VPN network when they connect to a public wireless (Wi-Fi) network. As can be assumed, through a VPN passes private and confidential information that in the wrong hands, could be harmful to any company.

Part of the protection of the information that travels through a VPN is encryption, however, verifying that it remains intact is equally transcendental. To achieve this, IPsec uses a mechanism that if it detects any modification within a packet, proceeds to discard it. Protecting the confidentiality and integrity of information using a VPN is a good measure to navigate public and insecure Wi-Fi even if you don’t want to access a corporate resource.

On the other hand, those home users who wish to use a VPN network can choose between free and paid services. It is important to mention that those free usually work slower than one that is not. Also, we recommend reading our Security Guide on wireless networks where we review other measures that can be taken to use a public wireless connection more securely.

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