Definition Wireless

The communication system or the device that lacks cables is qualified as wireless. It means that there is no physical connection with a base or with another element.

Specifically, in the field of technology and information technology, we say that technology or device is wireless when it allows the transmission of information without the use of cables.

A wireless communication, in this framework, allows the sending of data from an emitter to a receiver without an agent connecting the two points physically. This type of technology uses a specific frequency band and low power radio frequency waves to achieve the transmission of information.


In itself, technology is based on emitting information through the air using waves of a certain frequency. And although it may seem very new and the wireless is fashionable nowadays, it is already old technology.

And if not stop a moment to think how many of the devices that you have around work with this type of technology: starting with the television itself, the radio, the control of the garage, the control of the DVD and the TV, the mobile phone, the GPS etc., etc.

A cordless telephone, on the other hand, is a device that connects to a base without using a cable. This base, in turn, has a connection to a fixed telephone network and an electrical outlet.

Cordless phones have rechargeable batteries. The user can move up to about 100 meters from the base with the cordless telephone and make or receive calls. In this way, you can communicate more comfortably, without so many physical limitations.

A wireless microphone, meanwhile, captures the sounds and takes care of their transmission through radio frequencies. These microphones have an FM or AM transmitter for this purpose.

On a general level, it can be said that all wireless equipment contributes to mobility. Whoever speaks through a cordless telephone or uses a wireless microphone does not have to sit limited. But has a much wider range of action, related to the transmission of the waves.