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Speakers Write for Us

Speakers Write for Us

A loudspeaker is an electro-acoustic transducer, that is, it converts electrical energy into acoustic energy. This conversion takes place in two stages: the electrical signal causes the loudspeaker diaphragm to move, and this motion, in turn, produces pressure waves (sound) in the air surrounding the speaker.

The amount of air to be moved depends on the desired sound power and frequency. It’s complicated to build a loudspeaker that works across the entire audible frequency spectrum. To produce a certain acoustic level at low frequencies, it is necessary to move a large amount of air, while in the high frequencies, the same acoustic level gets obtained with a smaller amount of air. Therefore, we usually buy speaker systems, two, three, or even more, mounted in the same housing together with an electrical circuit.

What is a speaker?

Speakers are devices that allow sound amplification. The process that ends with the emission of sounds through the speakers begins with the conversion of electrical signals into mechanical energy. Then, this mechanical energy transforms into sound waves that propagate through the air.

How does a speaker system work

A magnetic speaker works by reacting to the varying magnetic field created by a coil with the fixed magnetic field of a magnet. It causes forces capable of moving a mobile structure that transmits sound to the air.

What is a sound reinforcement system?

A sound reinforcement system consists of microphones, signal processors, amplifiers, and speakers that increase the intensity of pre-recorded or live sounds. That can also distribute those sounds towards a larger or more distant audience.

How many types of speakers are there?

Depending on the range of frequencies that the speaker is capable of reproducing, they get classified as:

  • Bass speakers (woofer). They are used to reproduce low tones; therefore, they have a shallow resonance frequency, between 20 Hz and 150 Hz.
  • Middle speakers (squawker). …
  • Treble speakers (tweeter).

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