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Google Lens write for us

Google Lens Write For Us

Google lens is one of the most innovative and simple products that add a layer of artificial intelligence to your mobile camera focused on enhancing 4 of its pillar services and simplifying your life, for now. One of the most exciting news for marketings is that it connects image recognition with its database of google merchant and google shopping products, thus being able to acquire almost any product that the AI ​​recognizes in nearly two clicks.

It gives your google ads and merchant service steroids. It for any Instagrammer, influencer, passionate about fashion or clumsy techno, will mean in just a few steps you know a product with your mobile camera.

The truth that promises, it had already been said that they will be incorporated into google phones and could get tested on mobile phones with compatible Android versions. A week ago, they had already advanced, and you can count on google’s lens on iPhone devices so Apple can already count on Google’s innovation.

Well, let’s get down to business! Let’s talk about Google Lens

And what can you do with Google Lens?

Taking into account that it focuses on the camera of your mobile in addition to taking photos, applying its artificial intelligence layer, as I said before, you can do these four great things:

  • Digitize text
  • Quickly discover and locate products
  • Discover sites and places
  • Discover plants or animals

Google Lens is still green and has a lot to learn about its algorithm, but “Gen Z” will surely see all its splendour.

With the service that Google Lens offers you, you will be able to have the information you need within reach of an image captured by the camera of your mobile device.

With this tool, it is much easier and faster to have the information you are looking for, since Google Lens handles a technological design based on artificial intelligence, thinking about the needs of its users.

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