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Data Backup Write for us

Data Backup write for usData backup is the method of making copies of the original data that must be kept in a different place from the original and must get correctly labeled with codes that only those who handle them should know. You can keep the documents in the same workplace or building and one in a different place. It makes it difficult for intruders to access this information. Since the purpose of the backup is to be able to recover the data in the event of a disaster, you can keep the copies all the files and on different media, HDD, CD’s or DVD’s or on SSD disks, among others. Among the most common supports are:

* Rewritable CDs and DVDs have the disadvantage that they offer a minimal number of writes.

Large storage volumes characterize* Tapes, but they are slower than conventional hard drives, and access to data is sequential.

* Flash type memories are not highly recommended because they are easily damaged.

* Hard drives use a recording method based on media magnetization.

* SSD supports are the ones that are being used the most for backup copies, but their cost is very high, they do not have mechanical elements.

. Backup data in Windows

There are various tools to back up data on Windows systems. One of them is Backup4all. This tool will enable us to protect the data from possible partial or total losses, automates the backup process, and allows us to compress the data to save storage space in zip format. And encrypt your backups.

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