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Name Service Write for us

Name Service write for usA name service queries stored information, for example:

  • Host names and addresses
  • Usernames
  • Passwords
  • Access permits
  • Group membership, auto mount maps, etc.

This information is available to log into your host, have access to resources, and are granted permissions. We can store naming service information in files, maps, or different database file formats. These repositories of data can be local to the system or centrally hosted in a database or network-based repository.

Without a central naming service, each host would have to keep its copy of this information. Centralizing all data makes administration easier.

Naming services are essential for any computer network. Among other functions, name services provide functionality that does the following.

  • Associate (bind) names with objects
  • Solve names for objects
  • Remove links
  • List the names
  • Change the name of the information


How does Name service works

A network information service allows systems to get identified by their common names instead of numerical addresses.

It makes communication more straightforward because users don’t have to remember and try to enter complicated numeric addresses, such as

For example, let’s look at a network of three systems named pine, elm, and oak. Before pine can send a message to elm or oak, pine must know their numeric network addresses. For this reason, pine maintains a file, / etc / init / hosts, that stores the network address of all systems on the network, including its own.

In addition to storing addresses, systems, store security information, email data, network service information, etc. As networks offer more services, the list of stored information increases. As a result, each system must save a complete set of files similar to / etc / init / hosts.

Any system can inquire about the information stored on the network information system.

The systems are known as server clients. The following figure illustrates the client-server layout. Whenever information about the network changes, instead of updating each client’s local file, an administrator only updates the data stored by the network information service. It reduces the chances of errors, inconsistencies between clients, and the size of the task.

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