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Graphics Card Write for Us

Graphics Card Write for Us

Today, especially with the rise of Gaming equipment, the graphics card is one of the main components of any PC, and in fact, in these cases, it is usually the most expensive component. In this article, we are going to explain what a graphics card is, what its functions are, what types there are, a little history about them, and, in addition, collect reviews and analyses of graphics cards.

What is the graphics card?

The graphics card, also called a video card, display adapter, or simply GPU (inherited from the name of its graphics processor), is an expansion card or an integrated circuit that is responsible for processing the data sent by the computer’s processor and transforming it into visible and understandable information for the user, represented in the output device, the monitor.

Currently, we can find two types of graphics cards: integrated and dedicated.

Integrated graphics

In the past, many motherboards integrated their GPU between their circuits. Still, this was stopped to give way to the so-called iGPU or integrated graphics, which already come in the processor itself (motherboards, however, still incorporate the video outputs). These integrated graphics logically have reasonably low power and also need to take part of the system RAM for themselves.

Currently, both AMD and Intel have integrated graphics in their processors. The main reason is that the graphics processors are potent when performing parallel processes, and placing the GPU together with the CPU allows the integrated graphics to be used to perform many processes in addition to the graphics processing itself (See heterogeneous systems architecture)

Dedicated graphics

Dedicated graphics cards are the ones we all know: video cards that have their own GPU, graphics memory, video outputs, and cooling system and that are connected to the motherboard through a PCI-Express port. They provide a level of performance much higher than the integrated graphics, but they are also much more expensive. However, they allow us to update or replace the component much more easily.

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