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5G Write For Us

5G Write for Us

The “G” in 5G means “Generation.” Wireless technology for phones technically began with 1G and, at the beginning of the 1990s, expanded to 2G when companies started enabling people to send SMS between two devices.

Later, the world would know 3G, which gave people the ability to make calls, send text messages and surf the internet. The 4G improved many of those possibilities that enabled 3G but faster.

5G is on everyone’s lips. This new mobile technology will increase connection speed, minimize latency and exponentially multiply the number of connected devices. In other words: we will be connected to everything, all day, and in the shortest possible time.

The 5G designation refers to the fifth generation of mobile networks that we know. Gone is the old 1G network, that of those first mobile phones that only allowed to talk. 2G technology introduced SMS, and little by little our nuestro smartphone ’became an increasingly broad communication tool. First, the Internet connection (3G) was incorporated and then came broadband (4G), which brought with it the reproduction of real-time videos (streaming) or augmented reality.

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