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Modem Write for us

Modem write for us

The modem is a device used in computing to convert digital signals to analog and vice versa so that they can be transmitted intelligibly.


In computers the modem is an input/output peripheral that can be both internal and external. It allows you to connect a telephone line to the equipment and access different networks, such as the Internet.

How does a modem work?

It’s operation system when establishing communication is as follows: the first thing is to proceed to detect the tone of the line, then the corresponding number is dialed, and the link gets established in third and last place.

In the case of Internet connection by telephone, the modem receives analog data, demodulates it, and converts it to digital. The device also performs the reverse process, allowing communications.

However, they are not the only alternatives. We also find the existence that the connection can run through what is known as UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter). It is located on the motherboard of the device and is responsible for carrying out the control of the different ports.

Internal modems are expansion cards connected through different types of connectors: AMR (a technology that is no longer commonly used). ISA Bus (not currently used due to the low speed it offers) and PCI Bus (the most common format).

An internal modem offers the advantage of receiving electrical power directly from the computer. On the other hand, it does not take up space and is usually cheaper than external ones.

External modems, precisely, stand out for the ease of installation and even for the possibility of transporting and using them on different computers. Another benefit of this hardware is that it has light indicators that allow us to know the status of the connection.

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