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Firewall Write for us.

Firewall write for us

Every computer linked to the Internet is vulnerable to being attacked by a hacker. The methodology generally used consists of sweeping the network (sending data packets at random), searching for a connected machine, and then looking for a security “hole,” which it will use to access the data.

This threat is even larger if the computer gets permanently connected to the Internet. The reasons are several, including that the target PC get connected without permanent supervision, or that the IP address does not change, or does it in a very long way. Fortunately, to protect ourselves from the intrusions of these cybercriminals, we have a fantastic tool called Firewall going for us.

What is a Firewall?

A firewall is a system that protects a computer or a computer network from intrusions that come from a third network (specifically the Internet). The Firewall is a system that allows the filtering of the data packets that are on the network. It is a “narrow bridge” that filters the traffic between the internal and external networks.

A firewall can be a software (program) or hardware (equipment) that acts as an intermediary between the local network (or the local computer) and one or more external networks.

How does a Firewall work?

A firewall works as a wall between the Internet or other open networks and our computer. All types of traffic that are not in the list allowed by the Firewall does not enter or leave the computer.

For this, a firewall system contains a set of predefined rules that allow:

Allow a connection (Allow)

Block a connection (Deny)

Redirect a connection request without notifying the issuer (Drop).

The set of these rules allows installing a filtering method depending on the security policy adopted by the organization.

When you have a computer that connects to the internet or any network, you must have security criteria to protect your information and the PC. Therefore, to avoid possible attacks, nothing better than using a Firewall.

In general, those who commit this type of crime sweep the network (sending data packets randomly), searching for a connected machine. Then they look for a security “hole”, which they will use to access the data.

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