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Malware is a general term for any “malicious software” designed to infiltrate your device without your knowledge. There are many types of malware and each one searches for its goals in a different way. However, all variants share two defining traits: they are surreptitious and actively work against the interests of the attacked person.

Adware, spyware, viruses, botnets, Trojans, worms, rootkits, and ransomware are different kinds of malware. It’s important to note that malware is not only a threat to PCs; Mac and mobile devices can also be your target.

So, is malware just a computer virus?

Is a virus malware? Yes and no. While all computer viruses are malware, not all malware is viruses. Viruses are just one type of malware. Many people use the two terms as synonyms, but from a technical point of view, viruses and malware are not the same. Look at it this way: Malware is malicious code. Computer viruses are malicious code that spreads across computers and networks.

How does malware work?

Whatever its type, all malware follows the same basic pattern: The user unintentionally downloads or installs the malware, which infects the device. Most infections occur when you unknowingly perform an action that causes malware to download. It could be a click on an email link or a visit to a malicious website. In other cases, hackers spread malware using peer-to-peer file-sharing services and free software download packages. Embedding malware into a torrent or popular download is an effective way to spread it across a broader user base. Mobile devices can also get infected by text messages.

Another technique is to load malware into the firmware of a USB or flash drive. Since the malware gets loaded on the device’s internal hardware (and not the file storage), the device is unlikely to detect it. So, you should never insert an unknown USB drive into your computer.

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