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What is Anti-Malware? – Definition, Functions, Characteristics and More

What is Anti-Malware? – Definition, Functions, Characteristics and More

Definition Anti-Malware

Antimalware [(anti-malware)] is a type of program designed to prevent, detect and, remedy malicious software on individual computing devices and IT systems. The terms antivirus and antimalware are synonyms since computer viruses are a specific type of malware. Therefore, antivirus and [anti-malware] are the same. Anti-malware software blocks and efficiently removes malware. This software includes the protection core of security suites, although avoiding some extras that are not necessary to combat malware. Such as parental control or password managers.

The malware that these products must combat is very varied and includes viruses, Trojans, keyloggers, pop-ups or pop-ups, rootkits, adware, and malicious scripts. Nowadays, it is no longer necessary to navigate insecurely or through doubtful sites. But problems can come to look for us even while doing safe tasks or our pc is idle. The [anti-malware] protection is perfect for those who are aware of the dangers of malware and want to fight them. But without implying being interrupted by the program or having to pay for more than is strictly necessary.

Why install antimalware software

Today, the Internet is full of malware programs to search for your computer’s weaknesses. The best program such as Malwarebytes which is an anti-malware software that prevents the installation of malware efficiently and effectively, and if anyone manages to enter the system, it eliminates it. Although you are the only one using your personal or portable computer, [antimalware] is still necessary for reliable and robust internet security.

Antimalware software: What to look for in it        

For the best antimalware, an application must perform two functions well: malware detection and removal. If the antimalware is unable to perform these two tasks, any other feature will provide very little value. In our comparison of the best antivirus and antimalware products were compared with the following criteria.

Standalone Antimalware Software

Standalone antimalware software is a specialized tool. It is commonly known as portable anti-malware software because it can install on a USB.

Security Software Packages

They are more than [antimalware] programs. In addition to being able to detect and eliminate viruses, they are well equipped to fight against all other malicious software and provide absolute protection.

Antimalware software in the cloud

It is a new type of [antimalware] technology that analyzes your files in the cloud instead of on your computer to free up your computing resources and allow a faster response.


[Antimalware] with a wide variety of analyses gives you many options to find problems. The best [antimalware] also asks you to create rescue discs to protect your data, allows you to run an infected computer and gives you information about infections found so that you know how to act on it. Preventive security features such as virtual browsers and whitelists reduce the chances of infection by creating attack protection.

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