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proxy imageA proxy is an intermediate computer, used in the communication of two others. The information (generally on the Internet) goes directly from one computer to another. Through a proxy, the data goes first to the intermediate computer (proxy), and this is sent to the destination computer so that there is no direct connection between the first and the last.

In almost all cases, the proxy is only useful to hide, and most of the time, these proxies help in carrying out illegal practices (spam, fraud, etc.). That is why it is always desirable to avoid proxies, especially when they are forums, chat, or social network servers.

In other cases (that minority of cases), if we use a proxy as an interconnection between many computers on a network with the Internet. In that case, a proxy can be useful for the added benefits it has.

How is a proxy mounted?

Well, with a dynamic IP, a server, a domain, configure the server (Linux or Windows) for it, a simple web page, advertising banners, and promote yourself (advertise).


  • When using a proxy on an internal network to use it as a connection between the outside (Internet) and the inside (each internal computer) it has many advantages:
  • Less configuration time (you have to configure the proxy).
  • Greater security
  • More efficient filtering
  • Speed
  • In other cases, the most significant advantage, without a doubt, is:
  • Anonymity


  • The proxy may be under too much load if many computers make requests simultaneously.
  • Data cache between 2 computers. Some proxies can save copies of transfers, which implies some intrusion and insecurity.
  • In some proxies, the most current information may be affected.

 Types of Proxies

  • Web proxy.
  • Reverse proxy.
  • NAT proxy.
  • Transparent proxy.
  • Open proxy.


Proxies remain widely used to access services whose content remains blocked in a particular country. For example, if a website does not offer certain content in your country but does in another, posing as an Internet user from that other country can access it.

For example, many of these proxy services also block cookies, scripts, and other objects hosted on the web; they are also helpful to navigate in a much more private and anonymous way.

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